• Rita Faltoyano

    Rita Faltoyano


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Rita Faltoyano

  • Also Known As : Daniella, Danniella, Rita Foltoyano, Rita Fox, Rita Ga'cs
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Nationality : Hungary  
  • Year Of Birth : 1978
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  • MrSquirt :If I was in an elevator with her, I'd show her my dick.

    • July 10 at 10:11pm •

  • SpeedBoy :I do not really know why she always leaves such a hot impression in
    my mind....... Whensoever she opens her mouth in order to speak and not
    to suck a cock she really does not seem to be intelligent.. more the oposite...
    but at the end she is a female godness, beautiful and irresistable...

    • August 27 at 6:03pm •

  • gbl1980 :Oh I could watch her videos all day long. Absolutely fantastic

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  • jayja :very hot girl i love her

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  • dgoode :I agree 'lord'...Rita is a great example of those stunning eastern european babes. Maybe it's something in the water out there, because they changed my idea of what a beautiful natural body is...just so hot.

    • October 7 at 3:58am •

  • LordAnalSupreme :Another fucking awesome euro slut who loves anal. What I love about her to is that she is a very down to earth girl who doesn't really party but just loves to fuck. Her athletic background really shows to in the way she performs.

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