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Body 9.09
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Personality 9.27
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Performance 8.97
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  • syio :she is so hot

    • March 13 at 8:10am •

  • Raek :Coucou Kream, vien tu de montreal toi aussi ??

    • January 28 at 1:15pm •

  • Raek :You are Amazing Kream, you are not only amateur ! im sure

    • January 25 at 9:16pm •

  • Eightyseven :I was just about to ask the same thing Jay, is Kream actually peeing?

    Not a fan. I'd rather see some explosive squirting orgasms. Kream just doesn't get excited enough, and that doesn't excite me :)

    • October 25 at 11:12pm •

  • PornJay :LordSupreme, PSN is still growing and rankings have to reach more PSs. Think About it...some Monica Sweethart ranks 20 and Jayden James ranks 120 :-O I'de not go by ranking at least for another 6-7 months....or I'de try keep rating PSs as much as I can.

    hh88wolf, "she is pissing" lol... yeah! kream's is pee not cream ;)

    • September 19 at 7:07am •

  • LordAnalSupreme :I've seen a lot of porn and subsequent pornstars but I have not seen Kream before. With all these other well known stars you would think there would be more of "their" scenes. 147 for Kream? An underground wonder that PSN bought into? Nice squirty chick chick who takes the cock in the ass though. Not complaining, just confused.

    • August 25 at 11:45am •