• Bella Donna

    Bella Donna


Rank #56
Body 8.57
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Personality 9.28
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Performance 9.22
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  • Average scenes rating: 9.28
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Bella Donna

  • Also Known As : Bella, Belladonna, Sasha
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Nationality : U.S.A  
  • Year Of Birth : 1981
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  • Eightersyo8 :how in the world to you NOT have MORE Bella movies on this site... she has probably been in like 800 scenes and you have 9??????????????? I mean come on give us some bella love!

    • March 14 at 12:33pm •

  • GolfPunk :Who's counts the vote's here - the Florida Electoral Commission? How can BellaDonna only be ranked 81 - for my money she's is in a different league to all the nearly pornstars on this site! She is the best - ever, period. Need some more material and fast! Like to see her in a true all star match up - BellaDonna v Tiger Woods - rumble in the jungle part 2!

    • January 23 at 10:16am •

  • GolfPunk :Without doubt the hottest star in the industry - no one comes close - perfect 10 - period!

    • November 10 at 3:46am •

  • LordAnalSupreme :You know I've said that Alicia Rhodes is my all time favorite but now that I think about it it's really a tie between her and Belladonna. Fucking awesome hardcore nasty slut. Wish we could get her most recent stuff on here but I doubt evil angel would allow. Kind of a bunch of pricks over there but I gotta give em credit for high quality porn. Long live Belladonna.

    • August 19 at 1:34am •