• Annette Schwartz

    Annette Schwartz


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Body 9.22
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Personality 9.41
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Annette Schwartz

  • Also Known As : Annetta Schwartz, Annetta Schwarz, Annette, Annette Schwartz, Annette Schwarz
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Nationality : Germany  
  • Year Of Birth : 1984
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  • CaptainMorgan_1 :She didn't give a damn nasty to the max I like that in a girl

    • September 6 at 3:09am •

  • CaptainMorgan_1 :She didn't give a damn nasty to the max I like that in a girl

    • September 6 at 3:08am •

  • srhj23 :What a slut! I love her!

    • July 27 at 6:32pm •

  • cumshooter69 :Germany for No1! :D Great body, no limits. Wonderful.

    • April 12 at 1:39pm •

  • bukkakefreak :shes a dram women.a sex bitch of a life time.i will give my cock to her.those women like her gives the only fullfillment in sex of the mountain.greetings from germany.she cant be beaten

    • March 30 at 4:53am •

  • SirCumsalot :Germany truly does produce some of the dirtiest sluts in the world and I love them.

    • January 3 at 3:00pm •

  • DrSnow :she's fuck-tastic- A real superslut! Some girls have naturally (fake) big mouths but she's got a mouth big enough to deep throat Lex. With a throat that deep why the hell did she get blessed with a pussy. Noone in their right mind would end up blowing their load in there. unless you still think size doesn't matter, lol.

    • December 31 at 11:34pm •

  • kev1 :This chick is one of the best deep throaters in the history of the biz IMHO. As someone else said, she has no limits either really...there are a couple scenes out there with her snorting cum up her

    • December 7 at 2:06am •

  • awesomness :Straight up Queen of porn.

    • November 17 at 9:17am •

  • SpeedBoy :She is Misses Sex, the Quenn of porn.

    • November 15 at 12:51pm •

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